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Entrepreneurs serving

We are entrepreneurs ourselves, which is excellent news for you ! This means that we empathise and are aware of all the limitations and obstacles you face, not only in creating an outstanding product, but also most importantly, a great company.

To empower every startup and bootstrap to attain their objectives and become more successful, our services include the following : an outsourced, flexible and scalable product team with an Entrepreneur In Residence, a Chief Product Officer, a Chief Technical Officer, Senior Developers, a UI and/or UX designer, and a Product Manager.

Creating valuE

Time to stop building software,
start building products.

In order to be successful, software needs to be functional and operational, the implication is that it needs to meet technical requirement needs, whereas, a product’s success depends largely on creating value for your customer. This is a much broader approach and a far more challenging task.

We will team up with you from the start to create your customised software products that will deliver the most value to your customers and find the best way to integrate it seamlessly into your company’s roadmap as if we were a part of your team. (It also means that we will most probably challenge you a bit as well…).

We will offer support in creating a user-centric custom web product on different channels like browser, mobile, desktop and for every kind of application : SaaS, business, platform.

A group of passionate and committed people who forge along with you a durable and high-quality product.
start with why

Time is the most
precious asset.

Initially, not every startup or bootstrap has the technical expertise, tech skills, team, money and appeal to convince the best developers to help them to transform their ideas into an operational product.

Honestly, as entrepreneurs ourselves, we normally advise against having external developers , but times are evolving. Entrepreneurship is now becoming mainstream and reaches more and more people, the number of startups have skyrocketed over the past 10 years and is set to keep rising even more within the next decade. It’s now more challenging than ever to find the required talent while taking into account the limited budget, time constraints, and salary expectations.

It is also relatively important not to underestimate that hiring, onboarding, managing and training has a non negligible cost : time, money and effort. (And we’re not even talking about the cost of making wrong recruitment choices).

We want to offer these companies a trustworthy alternative.

You can take advantage
of the competitive edge of our solution

You get a ready-to-go
and experienced partner
You get a faster time to market
You get the instant flexibility
to scale up (or downscale)

So you can focus
on the business development

Scaling your marketing
& sales channels
Increasing your earnings
Building a sustainable business
& creating value

Think big, start small,
scale as you go.

We have 2 core offers :
Dashboard for Amply app.

New product development

Each new project starts with the development of a functional version of the application first. Starting a new project always involves high risk and uncertainty, and yet everyone is asking you to be extremely specific in what you want.

This is why at Forgerz we offer a global package with no extra costs, including :
The business support of an experienced EIR.
The design of a functional model by a UX Designer.
Technical development and online deployment by an experienced CTO and a dedicated team.
The release of an API (public or private).
Fixing bugs during 1 full year.
And because specifications are never perfect right from the start, we include the development of all the "minor" forgotten functionalities essential to the proper functioning of the application.


Continuous product development

Dashboard for Amply app.

Once a product is online and you have successfully acquired the first users/customers, ideas for improvements and ideas for new features will be pouring in. In order to plan and integrate those requests while continuing to create value to your customers, the methodology has to evolve.

Continuous product development involves a dedicated long term team. However, this team remains completely flexible, and you get the possibility to upscale or downscale at any moment to adapt to any situation.
Planning UX and UI improvements based on behavior analytics insights and user feedback.
Setting up a process for handling requests.
Continuous development and deployment for minor features.
Planning and delivering product releases for major features.
Developing APIs to expand your product’s integration capabilities.
The on-demand business support of an experienced EIR.


This is how
we do it.

We provide an end-to-end outsourced product development team to help you build a scalable, modern and reliable custom software that will let you focus on growing your business.
Entrepreneur In Residence
Company analysis
Chief Product Officer
Requirements analysis
Team building
Chief Technical Officer
Product Architecture (Chief Architecture Officer)
Product design (UX/UI Designer)
Product development (Senior Developers)
Application integration (Senior Developers)
Product testing (Senior Developers)
Deployment (Senior Developers)
Maintenance & Support (Senior Developers)
Entrepreneur in Residence
2 months business support on-demand
about (not) us

What we don't offer.
(But we know great people who can!).

We had to make certain choices in order to focus on providing top notch expertise and high added-value to your project.
We are not
Web agency

We do not create websites or e-commerce sites.

We do focus on the design, development and scalability of custom applications.

We are NOT
Recruitment agency

We do not offer an on-demand developer management service, nor a developer recruitment service.

We provide an end-to-end outsourced product development team, for a project or continuous development.

We are NOT

We do not develop on existing products.

It’s a choice based on our own experience, the cost of the knowledge transfer prevents us from guaranteeing the quality of the project continuation.

We are NOT

We do not offer IT for equity.

We believe that startups & bootstraps must protect their ownership as it's crucial for future equity operations.

“Customers don’t measure you on how hard you tried, they measure you on what you deliver” Steve Jobs.

As a matter of fact, this quote works just as well for you as it does for us, so let's team up.
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We value trust,
transparency & commitment.

Quentin Rozados
Quentin Rozados
CEO & Founder
Based in Grenoble & Paris - France
Also CEO & Founder of Sinao


Our mission is to support the growth of startups & bootstraps in Europe with outstanding software products.

Julien Dussauge
Julien Dussauge
Based in Grenoble & Paris - France
Also CEO & Founder of Pitchliners.
Previously CEO of Watsize,
Serial Shoppers & COO of 360boost.

The management team

We all are entrepreneurs and experienced professionals dedicated to the success of your company.
Through all our activities and engagements, we aim to build a virtuous ecosystem for entrepreneurs by providing services, tools, methods and network effects to support entrepreneurs in their journey.
Pierre Mignot
Pierre Mignot
VP Engineering
Based in Manila - Philippines
Previously CTO & Founder of Activity Lab, Head Of Information Technology of Ascent Urban Air Mobility.


A global community of talent
We are working with a global, trusted and committed community of talent.
(Senior developers, product managers, UX/UI designers). We are a remote-first team.
We’re constantly evolving and adding highly motivated members to our remote network everyday.

Julien Trachez
Julien Trachez
VP Engineering
Based in Saint-Raphaël - France
Previously CEO & Founder
of Golden Brothers


To support this mission we rely on our values :
Ownership, Integrity, Curiosity, Accountability, Commitment, Transparency, Passion & Ambition.

Antony Guedj
Antony Guedj
VP Engineering
Based in Versailles - France
Previously CTO & Founder
of Leisly & Rollingbox.


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